the dark side of mini cakes, and how to get rid of it (cake truffles)

i like a mini cake. you like a mini cake. we all like mini cakes, but what happens to all of the cake scraps that we acquire when we make our mini cakes? 

do they dry up like a raisin in the sun?

do they sit in our freezer with no other home? no decoration?

do they get noshed on mindlessly while other of their flesh gets bedazzled and frosted?

no. none of that. they get turned into cake truffles!

(golf clap)

i'm such a bad girl, i still have the scraps of my first round of mini cakes sitting in my freezer, taking up room and tempting me every time i see them. i've thought about tossing them, but i think that would make me an even badder girl. this weekend, i was working on a new mini cake recipe and ended up with those familiar slabs of cake all cut out with holes and decided that they would not be going to waste, they would be repurposed into truffles.

nose-to-tail cake.

cake truffles are fun to make, easy to store, and a party to eat. you can keep them in your freezer for when you're in need of a mini celebration of the i-just-did-all-the-dishes kind or the i-just-feel-like-it-dammit kind.

all you have to do is: place cake scraps in a large bowl and use your hands to crumble them up. plop a big blob of frosting in the bowl and mix with a rubber spatula or your hands. the amount of frosting you need will vary based on how many scraps you have, but if you can eyeball about how much frosting it would take to frost the scraps as if they were a regular cake, that is about the ratio you're going for. if you want to be really systematic, you can reserve some cake scraps and some frosting in case you need to balance it out after you've mixed, but in the end, all you want is a mixture that you can mold into balls and roll around in jimmies and pop in your mouth. nothing too scientific. you can also chill the balls without their jimmies and then dip them into chocolate and/or put them on a stick. store them in the freezer for a quick anytime party in your mouth.

would it be meta to decorate a mini cake with one of these?