reasons why purim *might* have a shot at making it into my list of top 20 favorite holidays this year (bc do i need to explain again how i'm actually a grandma that prefers the more sober holidays where you eat matzo ball soup):

1. it's slowly becoming a holiday for just reminiscing on my college days when brian and i would sit in his hell's kitchen apartment, nursing our hangovers, eating hamantaschen that his mom sent him, and getting powdered sugar all over our faces. and then probably going to indian buffet.

2. i am a sucker for all of the absurd hamantaschen variations that are all over the internet. you people are nuts and i love it.

3. i got invited to a purim party and i plan on dressing eggboy as johnny weir, while i transform into tara lipinski. (not. but wouldn't that be fun?) i'm looking forward to my first purim party.

this week in ways to asianize a jewish thing, i give you: red bean hamantaschen. (yeah, i am still hacking away at the bigass batch of red bean paste i made for our snow picnic.) i've also made some hamantaschen that are oatmeal filled. they're like a cookie in a cookie and they're chewy and very satisfying. find them both in the latest installment of molly on the range!