frequently (ok, sometimesly) asked questions



how is "yeh" pronounced?

yay!!!!!!!! (exclamation points are optional.)

who is eggboy?

eggboy is my super special man friend! his real name is nick, but he earned the name eggboy a while back when he was eating zillions of eggs a day. he's since reduced that number, but we do love eggs and can't wait until our chickens start laying! we met while we were students at juilliard and our first date was a 40 mile long bike ride out to rockaway beach. when i'm around him i smile so hard my face hurts. read about how we came to be here.

what is percussion?

things you hit to make music out of. commonly: xylophones, marimbas, snare drums, timpanis. less commonly: triangles, rebar, butts. it was my major in college.

do you still play??

yes, a few times a year! (call me if u need offbeats for anything by steve reich, thanks!)

you look weird. 

that's not a question. 

i meant, what is your ancestry? 

my pops is chinese and my mum is new york (but before that, hungarian)! i'm chinese and jewish, i celebrate christmas, hanukkah, and three news years, and I like pastrami in my egg rolls! 

is there anything you don't eat?

i'll usually try anything twice. but bananas, some seafood, and most mushrooms make me want to vom.

whatup with them photos?

i currently use a canon 5d mark ii with a canon 50mm/1.2 lens and occasionally a sigma 35mm/1.4. i use lightroom and vsco (usually film pack 05) to edit. on the road i often use my iphone 7 with snapseed and the vsco app to edit.

how did you build your layout?

my blog is hosted on squarespace, which makes it pretty darn easy to create a clean layout. i use the amelie template.

 what's inside of your refrigerator?

dozens of eggs, a lot of science experiments (some of them are intended, some of them are not), tahini, and pounds and pounds of unsalted butter.

what is a stoopie?

stoopie is my older sister. she has a real name, and she's a chef in chicago. read more about the name here.

why don't you use caps?

cause they're stupid. (and because sometimes i don't know what things to capitalize so by eliminating all possibilities, i can never be wrong.)

can i reprint your work on my site?

feel free to take one photo with a link back to the original post. if you are interested in reprinting additional photos and/or the full recipe, please use the contact form at the left to inquire about rates. 

can i purchase a signed copy of molly on the range from you?

i do not sell copies of molly on the range, however i will certainly sign a copy and mail it back to you if you send one to me! please use the contact form at the left to inquire about details.