who is eggboy?
who does molly go on these gajillion mile bike rides with?
why is molly's smile so big these days that it looks like her face is going to fall off?

...are all questions i might ask myself if i didn't know myself and for some reason i read my blog. which isn't too wild of a concept because my stat counter thingy tells me that i sometimes have readers in brazil and i don't know anybody in brazil. so this letting-the-kitty-out-of-the-bag post is for my brazilian readers and anyone else wondering about the man in the flannel with the guitar. so here it is:

eggboy is my super special manfriend!!!!!!!!!!!

who am i kidding? it was kind of obvious. i was being a little mysterious about it before because "do you want to be a part of my internet presence?" is not a third date thing or a fourth date thing.
but now i am seeing why people show other people silly amounts of pictures of their cats because i suddenly have this desire to tell you about how eggboy does things like eat the crust off of entire loaves of bread so that i can have all of the doughy parts and how he makes music so pretty i cry and how he wore casio calculator watches before they were kind of cool. i know, it is totally mushy. i'll shut up.
but why is he called eggboy?
eggboy eats a balanced diet of three things: eggs, protein smoothies, and whatever i make him (unless it's polenta).
how did you meet eggboy?
at juilliard. occasionally we'd say hello in the cafeteria. once we had a conversation about the difference between skinny fat and fat skinny, another time we had a conversation about bikes. that was it though because then he went away... but a few years later he came back! and we've been oogly moogly kind of since.

get used to him because unless he dumps me or i feed him undercooked poultry (which i accidentally nearly did last night), he'll be making semi-regular appearances. but i promise, it won't be in the cat photo way.


it's his birthday today!!!!!!!