i am really craving this lancashire cheese and onion pie for pi day.

and a four & twenty blackbirds oatmeal pie.

and also maybe some marzipan hand pies.

and not to fangirl too hard or anything, but since ashlae posted this photo, i have been checking her blog frequently to see if she blogged about it.

in non-pi day news:

if you live in new york and you don't go to the new music bake sale, we are no longer friends. not even if you make me a cake. ditto for the enchantment under the sea dance.

i want to hasselback all of the things, but first i want to hasselback salami.

yossi and her citrus make me so happy. we are in agreement that citrus fruits are the supermodels of food, right? right?

tahini swirl brownies!

provolone scones!

panda onigiri!

happy friday/pi(e) day/purim everybody!!