in tel aviv we walked and ate and walked and ate and at one point found a random dim sum stand in the middle of shuk. i lol-ed so loud i couldn't even believe it. but look at it, isn't that a pretty presentation?

i had the best falafel ever and the best shawarma ever at shuk ha'carmel and at abu hassan (no, not the comic opera in one act by carl maria von weber) i had the best hummus ever. everything just tasted so magical. and the pita in israel is something i just can't stop dreaming about. so squishy and soft and always fresh... it gives me anxiety that i'll have to be a patient patty and make it every time i want it on the farm.

tel aviv was our last stop in israel, so it was a bit bitter sweet. on our last night, we ordered a swanky malbec and then had one of those nice, long, order-everything-on-the-menu meals at popina, where one of our soldier friends, raz, cooks. it was the perfect last meal with all of my new amazing friends and the perfect prelude to our awesome dance moves at the (too hip for me) underground bar radio epgb

sigh... i miss israel so much. i'd go back in a heartbeat if i could.