as much as i do love the countryside, holy crap, was it difficult to return to minnesota after 10 wild and stimulating days in israel. it was like coming home from camp... i got that weird feeling when i woke up for breakfast and realized i couldn't sit with my 12 new best friends to discuss the juicy gossip from the previous night. 

but eggboy was such a patient pat! he let me talk his ear off allll about my new friends and my new favorite foods. he loves israeli salad now. 

and in a further effort to cheer me up, he brought me to the omgsupercute lakeside town of bemidji!  we visited the chocolate shop for salted caramel fudge and frosted cake saltwater taffy, i had yummy fluffy wild rice pancakes at the adorable minnesota nice cafeand then we took inappropriate photos with the paul bunyan statue that made eggboy think i was going to get arrested.

hehehehe. we had lots of fun! i do love a good small town.


p.s. update on our big fat move (!!!): in a long story of where exactly are we going to live when we first move out to the farm ?!?!?1? eggboy and i have found a kickbutt loft in the teensy adorable downtown area that is a few minutes from his farm. and it's over the state border. in north dakota. wtf! 

"hey molly-of-one-year-ago, you're moving to north dakota."