when i was 12 i went to jew camp for the first time and my cabin was called masada. we sang cheers about it and for a really long time, too long of a time, whenever i heard any mention of the masada, i imagined a cute little brown cabin with a front porch covered in wet bathing suits.

omg and then i met the real masada and it was so effing cool.  

after camel day, we sang songs around a campfire and then settled down in a big tent, read and discussed some james russell lowell, and slept for two hours before leaving to hike up the masada for sunrise. i love sunrises! they are just so nostalgia-y and romantical. they make me extra excited for the day ahead. 

we toured around the ruins and learned about the masada's history, we shouted silly things and listened for all of the echoes, and then we walked down a bazillion steps to get to the bottom and go in the dead sea.  

it was a fantastic and beautiful day! a smelly one. oy vay, we were smelly. but it was GREAT.