cure me, smoke me, eat my belly!

the older brothers of my friends have historically been good for things like hogging the nintendo 64, burning green army men, and being boring spy victims. but i think i've hit the jackpot with jeremy: his brother makes bacon. and is a cook, most recently at torrisi. last night he made a tasting for me and maria and jeremy {a.k.a. the luckiest people on earth}. it was:
brûléed maple bacon amuse-bouche 
arugula salad bacon dressing
bacon steak an egg + purple potatoes + the best broccoli i ever had
cocoa cured bacon ciabatta bread pudding + peachies + smoked cocoa nibs 
99% cocoa chocolate bar just cause
[to drink: the red that gg got me for my recital]
...and during it, we discussed how good fat is for you. 
and how life is too short to not eat chocolate & bacon many, many times a day. 
{it was sort of like a role-play}
{{but a yummy one}}
i wish jeremy and brother didn't live so far uptown so i could come over for dinner every day.  
but then again maybe the bike ride there and back is what will keep me fitting into my jeans...