brooklyn star

last night i had a yummy dinner 
with an amazing group of people
in a beautiful and spacious and acoustically friendly room.
it was so joyful!
too often in restaurants in this city, i go bonkers over feeling like my personal space bubble has been popped or like i have to yell to be heard... 
and in those cases, i might as well just have a plate of poo in front of me.
but last night, it was like being back home, where elbow room exists and conversation quality can reach a good height. 
oh it was so great. 
and the food was wonderful, too!
when donny said fried chicken dinner i thought better bike a million miles this week but with all of the delicious sweet/sour pickles, green beans {which may have been soaked in aminal fat?} and watermelons to even out the heaviness of the mac and cheese, cornbread, and chickens, 
i felt like a good $500,000 bucks afterwards. 
it's experience meals like these that fill my happy bank and then some.