risotto for fall

{and ways i'm turning into my mum}
risotto is never a summer dish in my fammy.
it'll heat up the kitchen! you don't want to stand over a hot stove for that long in this weather.
says mum.
so yesterday, on the first day of fall, i made risotto!
mizuna + tomatoes + rice milk + beer + veggie broth + so much garlic
and also yesterday: i found a fourth grey hair.
i am 22 and totally greying. just like mum did.
...no more do i paint my finger nails because "they just chip in a day or two" {that, a direct mum quote}
and when the clock strikes any hour that's really early in the morning, i am up, wide awake, doing something productive.
 i also find myself cringing at the site of anything plastic in the kitchen that isn't tupperware. sorry, trusty hot water boiler. 
before i know it i'll be looking all over for my reading glasses that are on my head, and calling my future offspring every five minutes to tell them about the fresh herbs from the garden.
ahh, but it's ok. my guy friends think that mum is hot.