shameless loves, by sara

things that sara loves
{but really probably shouldn't}
1. eating leftovers in front of the open fridge with my hands.
2. ordering chili cheese fries from the varsity, which is probably the greasiest meal on the planet.
3. watching cnn for fifteen minutes in the morning to get caught up on world events, then changing it to spongebob.
4. rubbing winter candy apple lotion on my sweatshirts and sweatpants so they smell heavenly.
5. getting my groove on deep within the stacks of the gov. documents section at work.
6. listening to christmas music in november, but still appreciating the food coma beauty of thanksgiving.
7. reading the hp series for the.....uhh....probably somewhere about 15th time.  maybe around 20th...

thank you, miss sara 
 a very happy no shame november to you!