it's that time of year again...
that time when you don't have to feel bad about bringing lunchables to work, farting during yoga, or eating the last piece of naan.
yes, that's right:
it's no-shame november!!!
shit yeah.
so go ahead and order disco fries, buy jeggings, and yes, you can even stop shaving your armpits.
here are the things that i'll be shamelessly loving:

making faces at babies
omg so many lunchables
taking the elevator down one flight
using a spoon when i should be using a fork
silly bandz
dinosaur silly banz
forgetting to do my laundry for the whole month
becoming a chess master
adding richard simmons: disco sweat to my netflix queue

there it is.
i can taste the big macs now.
do you have a list of shameless loves?? send it to me soon:
and if you love me you won't use any caps :-)



{photo by donny}