week 44: community food & juice

 in the event that your bike was hit by a truck,
that the korean taco truck closes as you roll up on a broken bike,
that you're freezing your tookus off,
your professor is in the hungarian pastry shop,
and pisticci's wait was longer than the radio city christmas spectacular...
your only possible cure is comfort food. 
cuddle-under-a-300,000-thread-count-goose-feather-duvet-with-me comfort food.
but if it comes from a diner, you'll cry. because you need a new restaurant for your stupid blog challenge.
the upper west side's diner-plus
(it's got hardwood floors and organic vodka)
so gimme some mac and cheese:
and matzoh ball soup:
 and something really strong called a huckleberry smash.
 top everything with tabasco sauce and ketchup.
nerrmind that it needed a lotta tobasco, i woulda eaten anyfing at that point.
and let's pretend like this week wasn't stupidy poopidy.

that's it.
happy weekend everyone! 
love you all.


community food & juice is on broadway between 112th and 113th