52 restaurants. 52 weeks.

behold, my new years resolution:

52 new restaurants in one year!!

the details:

-restaurants can be fancy, they can be ugly, they can be trucks...
{they can even be in queens...}
they just have to be a place i've never been

-if they have a specialty, order it.
even if it does sound utterly repulsive.
-to hell with dates.
whether i've got one or not, i'm still going.

-any of these,
"table for one? that will be a three hour wait."
and my answer will be,

-restaurants i WILL try by the end of these 52 weeks:
-momofuku {noodle bar, ssam bar, milk bar, and *cross my fingers* KO}
-minetta tavern {one black label burger, please}
-at least ONE seafood restaurant
{in case you didn't know, i DON'T eat seafood. or. haven't... until now. gulp}

and i would LOVE any suggestions from you!
they don't have to be in new york...
they can be in chicago,
or any place on the east coast that can easily (or not so easily) be reached by train/car/bus
because, i mean, if a restaurant is worth it, it's worth it.

wish me luck!!