week 1: kesté

walking into kesté was like getting a good b12 shot.
the energy from the 80s music,
the brightly painted yellow walls,
and the italian hosts who might as well have been my best friends,
was enough to make me want to break out in song and dance.
{i can assure you though, there wasn't nearly enough room for that}

friend z and i got there at the right time,
because the wait was only 20 minutes
giving us just enough time to browse
the tiny bookstore across the street,
and be back in time for the host to hand out samples of a
fig & gorgonzola pizza
{i've never had figs! i've never had gorgonzola! new friends, you are so tasty!}

a few moments later, and

"bally, table for two"
was ready.

z, "that's us!"
me, "what are you talking about?"
z, "yeah. he thinks your name is bally."
me, "WHAT? my accent is NOT that strong. f this place. we're leaving."

{worry not, we didn't leave}
we sat.
and we were greeted by our new migliore amico,
signore waiter.
who proceeded to tell us the special...

burrata + a WHOLE LAYER OF basil + cherry tomatoes + more burrata =
the life changer

k. one of those please.
and can you suggest one with meat?

the kesté
= tomatoes + buffalo mozzarella + prosciutto + arugula + gran cru + e.v.o.o.


ten minutes later, and...


...and then ten minutes after that...

pizza, where did you go?!

the taste was almost obvious. like. "duh, pizza should taste like this. why doesn't it always?"
the crust was just so doughy and buttery and fulfilling,
and the way it cuddled with its groupies, the cheese and the tomatoes, just made the whole thing one perfect little package.

{yes, i folded my pizza in half when i ate it
no, i do not think this pizza warranted a fork & knife
unlike some people
...but then again, i do come from the last of deep dish, so i won't judge}

also, there was never any diva of the pie.
all of the ingredients were pretty perfectly well balanced.
like for example, when the burrata seemed like it was getting to be too much, mr. basil kicked in to keep things in check.

it was just a very happy pizza.
in a very happy place,
with very happy people.

i'd like to go back. but, people, i have 51 more restaurants to go!




dessert was around the corner, at milk and cookies

which was perfect for a freezing evening.
it was so cute the way they had a little shaker of green jimmies with the condiments...
{that's why my milk is green}

and their s'mores cookies were delicious!
thanks for the suggestion, friend marshy

kesté pizza and vino and milk and cookies bakery are both in the west village.