apartment doesn't have internet yet... but peaches frozen yogurt does!

i recently found this on the menu of indigo indian...

can anyone explain what exactly kasta kachori contains??



things i love about {dave}

1. he is in fact known to most as the d train
2. he has marimba skillz. mad mad marimba skillz. 
3. the other night he pleaded with me to learn my secret mac and cheese recipe. finally i caved and made him my sous chef.
4. his parents!!!!
5. occasionally, during a late night practice session, he'll approach me with sad puppy eyes and say, "mollmoll do you have any fooooood?" (and i mean, of course i always have food). he makes me feel like i'm doing my job as the makeshift mother of the percussionists. 
6. he often waves to inanimate objects. like sandwiches that he's about to eat. 

i can't contain my excitement to go to five napkin burger to celebrate!!!

last night, after a nice peaceful walk through the city with myself, i came home to find a little packeege from my auntie cathy. it was a sweet journal (she is well aware of journal obsession) that says, "anything is edible if you put on enough mustard!" (she is also way hip to my mustard shelf). is that not the most perfect journal you can think of?!  i can't wait to start using it to write down new recipes- like this most recent one that friend marsha sent me for spinach salad:

fresh spinach and strawberries
1/2 cup sugar
2 tablespoons sesame seeds
1 tablespoon poppy seeds
1/4 teaspoon worcestershire sauce
1/4 teaspoon paprika
1/2 cup oil
1/4 cup cider vinegar

i can't wait to try it! i better do so soon too because strawbies from fairway have been soooo tasty lately!

and now a bit about organ music...

in the midst of my excerpt shedding a few days ago, my friend keenan, who is a fantastic organ player, approached me to play with him a minimalist piece for solo organ by the famed and illustrious ad wammes. i wheeled in a xylophone, divided up a few lines (did you know organ music had three staves? i certainly didn't), and went to town. oh it was so much fun!! i've never heard such awesome organ music! and if i do say so myself, the high tingy sounds of the xylophone fused with the airy, almost haunting sounds of the organ sounded super fetch. i felt like joseph gramley from organized rhythm. except, is it wrong that the only additional thing i wanted in this organ + xylophone jam was a sick beat on the drumkit? i can't wait to play more with keenan and see where this mixture of sound goes... 

something that i'd like to get off my back...

list of people i unadmire 

3. CATTY GIRLS!!!!!!

phew! that felt good to get out...

the english muse does this thing where she has guest bloggers.. and i thought that was a fantastic idea!! so i'd like to introduce my first guest blogger, the famed and illustrious friend craig. i met craig a few years ago at tanglewood when he approached me as i was playing the marimba and said, verbatim, "sometimes i can feel a low F in my stomach." my reaction to that was... i didn't know if i should think he was a complete and total weirdo or a complete and total genius. but in compliance with number 4 on my list of people i unadmire, i decided to go with the impression that he was a genius. and i quickly realized that he is. teehee. 

so here he is!

welcome, craig!!!