hay, there!

My name is Craig Hubbard, and I am the guest blogger on "My Name is Yeh"

DISCLAIMER: No offense is intended toward the beautiful people of Raliegh NC or the competent staffs of IKEA and United Airlines. I love you all.

I've been squatting in Molly's apartment this week due to temporary homelessness, and so far we've had some excellent adventures. Every morning we walk the distance from the homestead to the schoolstead to prack the day away. Sounds boring, right? Wrong.
I looked for a picture of the two of us, but I only found this one of us and friend Jessica Anastasio (Hi Jessica!) from Molly's recital last year.

At first, Molly put me to work assembling her recent acquisitions from the IKEA store:

Some of it was like this, but, unfortunately, we had to return this fixture (aptly named "molnig") because Molly's apartment doesn't have the proper wires. Friend Dave and I slaved over the coffee table (the "clues" in the instruction packet were just plain wrong, and none of the holes lined up!).

Word of advice to the readers: DON'T FLY UNITED
They regularly mistreat their customers and send their bags to places like Raleigh, NC.

Apparently, there's a hurricane headed to NY (according to roommate Chad*), but I'm not scared. South Texan boys like me are used to it. Speaking of South Texan boys, I had the pleasure of making the acquiantance of Matt Thomas, a first year masters percussionist at the J-yard, who hails from the tiny town of Port Lavaca, TX. Here's to Texans in the Big Apple!

Sure, I've done nothing but manual labor, prack my cor*, battle the heat, wait for my bag to return, and hunker down for the perfect storm, but this has been a wonderful week. Thanks to my beautiful Molly and her charming roommate for their hospitality.