heute (was almost) nicht mein tag

warning: this post contains hints of number 3 from the list of people i unadmire

reasons why today (was almost) not my day {and i'm serious, this is no joke...}

1. r.i.p. gucci eye glasses. cause of death: my butt.

2. r.i.p. wayfarer sun shades. cause of death: my clumsiness in the fitting room zara.

3. r.i.p. mum's eye glasses! cause of death: gardening. 

i mean... seriously?!?!? 

4. beautiful shoes like these never ever fit my wide feet. (also even if they did, my wallet is still taking the hit from my cheese binge two weeks back). 

but, fear not! new york city to the rescue!!!
seriously... one of the best things about new york is that there's always something that will cheer you up, just blocks away!!

so after spending a few bucks on new cheapo sun shades, i headed up town towards the zabar's knish counter....

but instead, i was pleasantly surprised to stumble upon the rickshaw dumpling truck! (conveniently parked on broadway between 74th street and 75th street, on sundays)

the sista working in the truck lovingly called me a diva. (i had, after all, just purchased bright red lipstick for my upcoming audition and was trying out the look paired with a black flower in my hair) and then she complimented me on my cowgirl dress. i told her i'd trade her the dress for the truck... and i digress...

the dumplings i ordered were chicken and thai basil and they were quite delicious! 

what set these dumplings apart from other dumplings was definitely the sauce. it was a creamy, sweet, coconut-y sauce that was somehow just perfect for a hot summer day. 

the next stop in new york city's effort to cheer me up was bumping into friend allyson wonderland on the street! (no, i don't know her actual name, and no, i don't think anyone else does either, and yes, i agree, that does make sweet nicknames like that all the better). she was about to play the fiddle with her sister on the street to make some moneys. SWEET. if there's anything that will no doubt cheer me up on a not so good day, it's randomly bumping into fun people like allyson!!

and then...

i saw a poster for upcoming movie cloudy with a chance of meatballs

that was one of my all time favorite books when i was little! i can't contain my excitement to see the movie!!! AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!
oh boy. 

the final stop on my route to cheeriness was my room, sitting on my bed, discussing triangles with friend kyle. so dorky, i am well aware. but discussing new ways to play musics and figuring out new sounds on instruments is just so interesting to me! 

phew. good thing this day don't suck no mo.