do you ever think what life would be like if you were born as a loaf of bread? what kind of crust would you have? would you be doughy?

what kind of sandwich would best highlight your qualities?

and would you enjoy getting toasted. (hehe.)

i see mum as a hearty whole wheat rosemary bread, one that's perfect for cheese on toast.

i see eggboy as a sturdy gluten free baguette thing. the kind that's best used as a baseball bat.

and i would be this here scallion challah. jewish, asian, doughy, pairs well with boloney. often braided. i'd take so many baths in soup...

this recipe is what would happen if a scallion pancake and some challah dough got their thing on and made a baby. you treat the dough as if it were a scallion pancake, and then once it's rolled up like a jelly roll, you braid it and bake it. holla to yo mama!

i developed it for a new blog called jewish & which focuses on jewish mutts like me! it's accompanied by a thing i wrote on being a chinese jew (and being a chinese jew in a sea of scandinavians). read the article and recipe here.