cheese on toast is a need, not a want, nor a should. i believe this because i'm pretty sure mum has had it every single day since before i was born. and when i wake up in the middle of the night starving my brains out it is usually because i have gone too long neglecting my gluten and lactose requirements in efforts to show solidarity for eggboy's aversion to both of those. and it's those nights where there is absolutely no question what i will have when i tiptoe into the kitchen: not sweets, not even leftover bacon... it's cheese on toast.

i don't know, there is something so texturally pleasing about cheese that is beginning to melt but doesn't quite get there. it's rubber on toasty bread, in the best way possible. and rubbery especially when you use the traditional low-fat jarlsberg slices from costco {the tiny cheese monger inside of me cringes when i do this, but you could say it's a family tradition}.

this morning i sprinkled some smoked maldon {from my new little salt bar} on top of the cheese which sat medium-melty atop some perfect whole wheat bread that i baked last night.