note: to accurately experience this post, i need you to pinch your nose shut and then read out loud.

we made horsey friends this weekend and now i am paying for it by way of sneezies and snot.

it was worth it, of course it was worth it. we took snowshoes out to see the furry friends and they let me pet them while they told me secrets. they were so sweet. i'm afraid i'll want my own someday... but shhhhh i can't tell eggboy yet because he is only just getting used to the idea of getting goats. one farm friend at a time, you know?

i think the horsies were jealous of our snowshoes... i can't imagine how difficult it'd be to gallop through the snow with those dainty little hooves. 


after our hang with horsies, i hurried back home to study kate soper's voices from the killing jar. it is such a good piece, you guys. i can't recommend a better start to your week than by watching this with a big old bowl of pimento cheese. which is what i did last night.

i made pimento cheese for the first time (and now my life will never be the same).