you guys  i drove a tractor and i didn't even fully suck at it! it was a bit scary during my first few turns, but for the most part it was just like driving a big fat car reeeeally slowly. at times it felt like i was back on old philip the camel because of how bumpy it was, but it's not normally so bumpy. it was bumpy yesterday because the field we were on is a wheat field that was harvested a few weeks ago and our job was to work up the soil by chisel plowing it so that it could.... *hold on i have to call eggboy and ask him* "break up the big lumps left behind by plowing, which was done to bury the organic matter." basically, after a field is harvested there are little plant stubbles left behind and you want to help them decompose, so you go through a series of steps to stir up the ground and get it ready for next year's crop.

we celebrated my first tractor driving experience with some of our favorite lentil soup out of our favorite little thermos.  

it was such a lovely way to spend my day off, and it was a beautiful day at that. the weather wavered between one-sweater weather and two-sweater weather and luckily i brought along my two favorites.

happy fall, everyone!