days are measured in pounds of butter and layers of cake...and caramel. boy do the people here like their caramel rolls. 

i can't, i just can't pronounce it "car-mle." i spent my entire time on the east coast developing my kærəmɛand i will do anything to hold onto that middle syllable because it is so pleasing to say.

i've been using a shopping cart at the grocery store. it's so cool: you can wheel it freely around the big open aisles and you don't have to limit what you buy out of fear that it will be too heavy for your basket and then after you pay you can wheel it all the way out to your car and just transfer bags one at a time. such luxury.  

it feels like fallllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i bought a shitton of canned pumpkin about it. 

but that only means that winter is nearer. and look at this list that i found of the coldest cities in america: i live in number two. and  if you only count the lower 48 states i live in the number one coldest city. oy veyzmir what have i done.

lorde is my new favorite music.

 ...and eggboy's been harvesting! which is where all of the above photos are from. i spent an afternoon with him while he harvested wheat and it was fascinating to learn where the flour that i use every day comes from. i saw why he always comes home with dirty hands and why it's imperative that his lunches be packed in sturdy tupperware. he explained how the wheat is cut and then put into the big grain bins before being sent to the mill to be made into flour (there are a few other steps that i don't remember but maybe one day i'll have him do a guest post about it). it was a little nerve-wracking to be right next to the massive tractors and other machines because they are kind of like big transformers... but for sure, being on the farm during harvest is pretty darn exciting.