no amount of carnival pony rides in my youth could have prepared me for the ultimate ride of my life: philip the camel. for an entire 200 meters i clutched on for dear life as he showed us the desert. it was scary because philip and all of his camel friends are so tall and their legs are just so trim and fit, it felt like how i imagine it would feel if we put our cars on stilts and wobbled around a dirt road. but as i got to know philip i trusted him more and more. 

luckily there were no casualties but a ripped pant* on sam, my camel partner. 

*those pants were so loud, they deserved to be ripped. no offense, sam. 

luther the donkey brought me back and it was equally scary/exciting, but in a different way, like i was riding little george gershwin. and again, camel partner sam met misfortune when his donkey collapsed underneath him. oops. 

the whole thing was a really hilarious and enjoyable experience and i hope that philip's little camel toes can respond to all the post cards that i plan on sending him. 


p.s. some of these photos (including the asses of asses beauty) were taken by jenna!  she is totally wonderful and you should check out her site!