things filled with things

it's a smiley face!
my goal was 100 in one week. is that disgusting?
after 30 in three days, i forfeited. but do you want to hear what that included?
more soup dumplings than i ever could have imagined
super secret nepalese dumplings
black sesame buns
sugar-coated pork buns
fried steamed buns
red bean dumplings
vegetable buns where the filling isn't all just stupid cabbage
and they were all so flavorful, and the bun textures had such great integrity, and the soup dumpling soup was so sooo yummy. i mean, for real is soup dumpling soup ever that yummy in the states? or are people just gaga enough over the idea of soup in a dumpling that they don't care if it forgot its flavor? 
omg you guys, how am i still alive?

{where i ate these dumplings, in order from my most favorite to still my favorite but not as much}
crystal jade i know, it is totally a big chain. but they had me at their special peanut sauce steak buns.
tim ho wan their sugar-coated pork buns were so good i could have died, but after three i felt like butt and just actually wanted to die. however, when i recover i will figure out how to make them.
din tai fung DTF! 
super secret nepalese place you kind of just have to hope that you end up at a certain bar with someone who knows someone who will make a phone call. at which point a whole ton of dumplings with a garlicky sauce will be delivered. hopefully.