funny ferry
monopoly money
not another alliteration, but somewhere on the island
in the first three days i approximately thirty. i will never eat them again. 
at least not until the dumplings of the world festival.
beet root, pistachio, chocolate. 
she comes from ms. b' may call her madame butterfly.
at night and saturated.
there are no words to describe just how unbelievably amazing this past week was. that, or i simply can't find them because i just stepped off of a wicked long flight and the time is more ambiguous than the koala shaped bread snackees i bought from muji before boarding the plane. i suppose i can start with what i ate. what i ate had me back and forth between being in shock over how good something tasted and... wanting to vom my brains out. alas, such is the consequence with a diet that consists of piggies and doughy things. perhaps a longer trip, to allow for some vegetable-eating time in which i wouldn't feel bad about missing out on dumplings, may have been healthier. but regardless: everything i ate blew my mind and i would seriously consider trading new york in for hk {so long as you ship me lenny's bagels on a weekly basis}.
the concerts were wonderful. i've never had so much fun playing a woodblock, maestro gave my brain a workout, and i got all teary when the soloist played the sarabande from the second bach partita as an encore. love that shit.
aw shucks and speaking of being teary, i am so sad that i'm not there anymore. hong kong is like a fantasy land. with an escalator running through... 
how do i go back?
shall i swim?