shameless loves, by megan

things that megan loves
{but really probably shouldn't}

1. the warm welcome i get from my puppy when i walk in the door

2. dark chocolate, a huge hunk 'a dark chocolate.

3. classical music during a traffic jam

4. smiling to strangers in stores

5. christmas time

6. cuddling around the fireplace

7. sparkley clothing, sparkley anything really

8. stickers. and some place to stick them on

9. breakfast food, anytime, anywhere

10. pit stops on road trips, preferably to cracker barrel or culver's

11. old couples in love. old couples being cute. old people being old people.

omg culver's and cracker barrel. true midwest love right there!!

thank you, miss megan! 
 a very happy no shame (march) to you!