this week i...

-am detoxing from last week's 
schnitzel/superdawg/edzo's madness
 via becoming a near-vegan {still eating chickens}
-need more cheese in my life
-received two new mustards from a fabulous aunt and uncle
cranberry champagne
spicy hot

-ate a sandwich with 
black truffle mustard 
honey balsamic mustard 
{before receiving the new ones}
-became a twitter addict

-went outside without a jacket, sat in central park

-flossed every day {go me!}

-fell in wuv with edamame & pomegranate seeds
{not together}

...and did i mention i really need more cheese in my life?

may you all eat lots of cheese this week.



p.s. are vegans not allowed to eat honey mustard?
that would be pooey.