furikake latkes

hello! eggboy and i have just survived a very eventful weekend, complete with late-night cheezy pickles, a wild halva-filled chrismukkah party (+ eggboy’s second-ever hangover), and getting up-to-date on the new hallmark christmas movies while lighting our menorah. it was very holiday-centric, and d.j. tanner coming back as a hallmark movie star is my favorite comeback story of the new millennium.

happiest of hanukkahs!!! mmm latkes and donuts and the one time a year when i buy sour cream. have you seen all of the beautiful new latkes that have emerged onto the internet this year?? ramen latkes, sabich latkes, tater tot latkes, harissa sweet potato latkes... i want to try a new one every night. but i also want to save room for donuts. so, um, split one with me?

a little while ago i was hanging in malta with alana and we were discussing our holiday blog plans. i told her i was thinking of making a furikake latke, only i pronounced it like the country bumpkin that i am: "furry cocky latkee."

"no no, say 'foo-ree-kah-kay lat-kay'" she said, using some major pronunciation acrobatics that you just don't see in winterfell that often. it was so cool! i tried it and it was so fun that i sat there saying it over and over, as staccato as possible. 

furikake is a seasoning made up primarily of seaweed and toasted sesame seeds. sometimes bonito flakes and a bit of sugar are sprinkled in, and it's usually sprinkled on rice, but here i'm sprinkling it on crispy latkes! doesn't it kind of look like confetti?? a bit of sesame oil in the frying process heightens the sesame experience here, and a soft cooked egg on top makes it kind of like a ready-to-party version of hash browns and eggs. i'm so excited about these and about hanukkah in general. and presents... where are my presents?

furikake latkes

1. make a batch of ex-boyfriend latkes (add 2 tb sesame oil to the frying oil)

2. top them with a 7-minute egg

3. a sprinkling of furikake 

4. and a drizzle of sriracha!

5. enjoy!


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