eggs benedict cumberbatch

when arya sailed away and the hound lay bleeding on the rocks, we sat on granny's green plushy couch with an empty bowl of popcorn wondering what to do next. i googled "best shows on netflix." (where's andy griffith??!! credibility is dead!!!) sherlock had slipped past our notice all the way to #2 on the list, but it only took a few days before i started lowering the pitch of my voice and trying to wear coats well. molly and i couldn't stop talking about sherlock and watson, but eventually it was just molly going on about how wonderful benedict cumberbatch is and she started creating recipes to honor his wonderfulness. the whole thing's a sham, though, cuz where's the hollandaise sauce? and how dare he intrude on eggs?! i am the original eggboy.

does anybody else think that batching it should be spelled baching it? that's what i'm doing this week and molly didn't turn her computer off.


eggs benedict cumberbatch

from bottom to top:

a slice of pre-cooked polenta, fried in a bit of butter, salted

two slices of canadian bacon, lightly browned

one egg, fried in a greased heat-safe biscuit cutter, salted and peppered

three leaves of fresh arugula

a few shavings of parmesan

optional tabasco