middle-of-nowhere ribs + friday links

but have you found anywhere to eat in your new digs???? is a question i get on the occasion, especially from people who knew me in my past life as a restaurant blogger. it's a reasonable question and it's one i answer with glee, name dropping our townsome cute little diners and trucks stops, the town pizza parlor and the town bakery, a slew of yummy places in fargo... and then i always save the most exciting one for last: the one n only. it's this small white house in the middle of complete nowhere and it has the tastiest, sweetest ribs ever in all the land. whenever i go there, i have these flashbacks to when i was 17 and toured a town *in* the korean dmz. there's one house there that serves as the restaurant, town hall, and grocery store, and it is about as small town as a small town can be. the one n only is the closest comparison i have to that memory, and their ribs make the trek out there completely worth it and then some. i wrote about all this in my first post for food and wine's saucy (newer?) blog, fwx! and that's eggboy, modeling all that meat!

...speaking of meat. one of these days before the summer is over i'd like to have a good old fashioned b.y.o. meat party and make miso glazed hot dogs.

(and on the side i want this potato salad.)

for dessert, we'd have galettes: plum galettes, peach galettes, plum galettes again!

and this crumble and that crisp.

oh and also hopefully there would be sangria so that we can fish out all of the peaches and eat them with ice cream.

in other news, can we talk about poutine? is living close to canada a good qualifier for eating ramen poutine and banh mi poutine in one sitting, free of guilt?

i thought of a good date for us! (cc: eggboy) let's eat this gateau basque and then see the hundred-foot journey.

this is a great tutorial on frosting a naked cake!

give me all the bubble coffee.

onigiri cookies!!! (and one of my new favorite instagram accounts.)

i am a big fan of sufjan's cover of arthur russell's "a little lost" and this new sam amidon single.

life can still be simple now, we just have to be intentional about it.

...alright, friends, i'm heading out this weekend to la jolla! (anyone want to come see me play the timpani??) i plan on packing some bacon granola for the plane ride and then immediately booking it to in-n-out upon arrival. all next week i'll be busy playing beethoven, putting on sunscreen, and visiting with family, so i've got a very very very special surprise human taking over my blog next week!!! stay tuned...

what are you all doing this weekend? cooking anything yummy??

happy weekend!!!