weekend warriors

beans, lots and lots of beans

a full 36 hours with my computer turned off

late nights with tea and a typewriter

early mornings with olive oil cake

eggs benedict with these english muffins and a side of homegrown kale, in front of the last leg of the tour de france. (and a correct inkling that kittel would win this one (!!!))

a sunday morning coffee date over the discussion of honeymoons: a half marathon in hawaii? a bed and breakfast tour of new england? a big fat scandinavian adventure????

a galette with onions and spinach from our garden, lots and lots of parmesan, and a bunch of thoughts on the theme of how about i make a ton of galettes for the wedding?

time spent at one of my very favorite bakeries

coffee, set out to brew overnight, so that it was just strong enough for this fine monday morning...

happy monday!!!!!!