a few engagement photos + friday links + a giveaway winner

last weekend we brought our tripod outside and took some self-timer engagement photos! it was fun/silly/buggy/a huge workout to run back and forth and back and forth in heels to hit the shutter button. eggboy got a little crabby because he thinks his hair is too long, so we might be taking more photos after i give him a haircut. but i don't know. a girl can only put on makeup and hair product so many times in one season, you know?

speaking of wedding things, did you see that mary-kate and ashley designed a wedding dress?? i have to be careful when i click on that olsens anonymous blog because i could easily spend lots and lots of time on that thing. 

i laughed out loud a lot this week. mainly because of: this tumblrthese cats, and when eggboy called my succulent "charcuterie."

in banh mi news, did you know that there's an entire banh mi book out? and a banh mi pizza?! and banh mi fries??!?!!! i wish there was a banh mi lunchable so that every time i wanted one i wouldn't need to buy enough ingredients for 12. 

has anyone else been closely following the cut's coverage of blake lively's new site? can someone tell me what emotion to have over all of this?

"whenever I hear the word potluck all I can think of is church and old ladies and cool whip and jello and maybe those god forsaken canned mandarins. and probably some cat hair."

chocolate tahini mousse!!!!!

i got a bigggg honkin marzipan boner reading this forum.

this gluten free pistachio cake is what is going to happen in an effort to cease my uneasiness from being so far away from bklyn larder's gluten free pistachio cake.

i'm pretty sure more of us need to have our parents write guest posts.

what should i eat for a breakfast today? is a newer-to-me blog, and it is quickly becoming one of my favorites! it is all about the best meal of the day, and it makes me think so fondly back on my romp around berlin. can we go back there? can we can we?

it's a grilled watermelon and... (wait for it) donut salad.

i have a guest post over on eva's blog this week: mini gelato cakes!

the winner of this week's giveaway is... ms. ashley, queen of nutella! step right up, sista!

happy weekend everyone!