weekend warriors

i bought overalls. i really didn't have an option, did i? how do you live on a farm without them? (how do you have a pee emergency with them?) i broke them in this weekend while standing at the stove, drinking coffee out of a mason jar, and cooking eggs that were laid the day before in a cast iron pan. i know, i am grabbing this farm girl thing by the balls. but i guess my brooklyn days trained me well.

the only downside about living on the farm so far has to do with the plumbing not allowing us to have a garbage disposal. we had to make the adjustment from french press back to pour over because throwing away coffee grounds by lifting them out with the filter is way easier than scraping grounds out of the bottom of a french press.

perhaps one of the most eventful moments this weekend was when eggboy asked me, "do you want to do yard work today?"

no one has ever asked me that question before.

...because guys, i've never done yard work.

between growing up in a suburb where it was just protocol to hire the same lawn mowers that our neighbors hired, having a mum who loved gardening so much that she hogged all the work, and then living in apartments for all of my adult life until now... nope, no yard work for me.

how do i do it? is there a cute yard work outfit that i can buy to make this all go down easier? perhaps a rosemary scented sunscreen?

other weekend highlights: we bought a science box, i discovered a magical patch of rhubarb growing in the backyard, we stole a bite of almond cake every single time we passed through the kitchen, we ate from a chocolate fountain at an egg cousin graduation party, we had arts and crafts night in preparation for mothers' day, we discovered that there exists a really amazing burger place in our town (thanks to brad and danielle, who also brought us those eggs from their own chickens!!), and i had my first attempt at choux, which came out splendidly! 

how were all of your weekends??


p.s. if you're looking for your very own overalls, i am in love with the mavi ones i got from one of my new favorite stores, fowler's heritage companyin fargo. dare i say it, but with the discovery of that store, being zillions of miles away from the closest anthropologie is suddenly not that bad.