za'atar pizza with dukkah labneh and purple onions + friday links

our first friday pizza night at the farm was a frozen thing that we smothered in mascarpone and topped with salami. we ate it on the floor. it was good, but more of a soft opening pizza night than a big wowee zowee fireworks included grand opening pizza night. so tonight, i'm pulling out all of the stops, including overnight pizza dough, homemade labneh, and a party of spices, and we're gonna eat it on our new couch in front of episode v. i've always dreamt of having the best couch in all the land, and i failed miserably picking out couches for both of my new york apartments, but this hand-me-down from eggboy's granny is top notch. so top notch that i'm going to have to think of another place to put the doghouse for when eggboy is in trouble. (he doesn't actually ever get in that much trouble... knock on wood.)


za'atar pizza with dukkah labneh and purple onions

makes 3 individual pizzas

inspired by the likes of ms. sarah's za'atar flatbread and jeanine's dukkah yogurt dip... 


one batch of kesté's dough*

on batch of labneh (just steps 1-3)*

1 purple onion

olive oil

the juice of 1/2 lemon

about 1/2 c za'atar

a few good pinches of dukkah

black pepper

sliced radishes, optional

*plan ahead: both of these need to be prepped  about 12 hours in advance


when your dough has an hour left in its second rising, place your pizza stone or baking steel (my new toy!) in your oven and heat it to 500. slice up the onion and heat it over low heat in a little olive oil so it slowly gets soft and caramelized. place the labneh in a bowl and mix it with the lemon juice.

when your dough is done rising, flatten it on a floured surface and brush it with olive oil. coat the thing in za'atar (like, a ton of za'atar) and stick it in the oven for 6-10 minutes.

immediately spread the thing with labneh and top it with some onions, a giant pinch or three of dukkah, a drizzle of olive oil, some black pepper and radishes, if using.



friday links


...speaking of dukkah, i think i'll best be having some with avocado next

recipes i made this week and loved included: a cake inspired by beth's cake ratios, lindsey's fattoush salad with soccaand whitney's baked falafel

i've long had a dream to make piñatas in the shapes of controversial political figures, but i think this taco piñata would be a good first one to try

that pretty blue towel in the above pictures is a naturally dyed beauty from maggie!

eggboy asked me the other day why i never make pancakes and i almost bit his head off because his gluten freeness is the reason but with these i have no excuse.

this is a very good and insightful post on sponsored content

i'd like to reach into my computer and grab one of these brioche donuts, this entire porchetta, a breakfast samosa (!!)this rhubarb panna cotta tartand this "meat salad"

all week i have been listening to the owen pallett iTunes radio station and i love it

fact: baking in miniature is better

i legit almost started crying at the sweet comments on this interview. you guys are the best and i wish i could give you all real life hugs.

have wonderful weekends, everybody!!!