rosemary ricotta blintzes with strawberry rhubarb sauce

i harvestedededed the rhubarb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! look, see that above? that is my i-haven't-showered-in-a-week-and-omg-eggboy-has-a-camera-and-i-have-no-makeup-on-but-who-gives-a-poop-i-gots-rhubarbbbbbb face!

rhubarb is my new favorite because i didn't even do anything and, look, it grew in my backyard. how nice of it to show up! ok ready? let's make all the things.

first up: blintzes. 

i never enjoyed blintzes growing up. all the ones i had were soggy and had awful pancake-to-filling ratios. my problem was that i only ever met them in hotel brunch buffet situations. i typically love a hotel brunch buffet, but i don't love a thing that should be crispy on the outside and oozy on the inside at a hotel brunch buffet because that is a recipe for sogginess. so when my girl devra suggested blintzes i was like shit.

but then i made them, and then made them again, and i ate them, and ate them again. and i could not stop because blintzes are actually the best. all it takes is a spot by the stove to catch them in your mouth as they come off the pan, because that is key: they must be as fresh as can be. 

so here you have it, my first ever blintz recipe, all fancied up with strawberry rhubarb sauce and rosemary-infused batter for the upcoming shavuot, a jewish holiday where it is traditional to eat dairy foods. you can find the recipe in the latest installment of molly on the range and it includes not one, but two gifs.