las vegas // saveur best food blog awards

my face hurts from smiling so much, i did not accidentally get married at 5 am, and i got to make meatballs with some of my most favorite bloggers in the whole wide world. my heart is so full i could barf!

there were so many omg moments, like omg i'm splitting midnight pork buns with cynthiaomg i'm discussing pasta by the pool with valentina, omg i'm getting photobombed by love and lemons, omg steph (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). such love, such happy times. i didn't want to leave, i just wanted my whole existence to continue on being live-tweeted by josh in a delicious tasting menu situation.

saveur and the bellagio totally hooked it up: there was a tour of the underground chocolate factory, a peek into their dim sum kitchen, and a strategically timed scotch tasting that allowed for some tipsy meatball making (and obviously all of the balls jokes). 

it was like summer camp, said marcella. boozy, chocolatey, meaty summer camp where you don't have to worry about keeping in touch at the end because you've been keeping in touch all along.

everyone was so sweet and i'm so smiley about being able to call them real life friends. so, ok, if you'll excuse me, i am going to go microwave a burrito and miss everyone.