wednesdays are great.

on wednesdays at the town bakery, i emerge out of the kitchen and work up front at the counter, serving people cookies and cakes and cinnamon rolls. i like to think that their time at the bakery is a happy part of their day, and it's so fun to be a part of it. 

some people come in every week. some people i even know by name! it's the ultimate small town experience. i am luke and everyone else is lorelei. (minus the smooching part.)

after reading yesterday's kvetching about the state of the union, as well as some other sad things around the internet, i am extra excited to dispense some smiles and sugar today.

and because there is a very good chance that you do not live in my town and therefore cannot come to the bakery for smiles and sugar, here is some via the internet: challah waffles! in my latest piece for molly on the range, i made a liège waffle with challah dough in my vintage mickey mouse waffle iron. they came out so perfectly chewy and sweet that i spent a good few days only eating them. #blob