this morning it's about bright eyes and almost forgetting to shower and realizing that tomorrow is my last full day here. sad pandas. i'm also wondering who in the crew is going to break first: we've had about negative vegetables this entire week, infinity buns, and it's only going to get worse/better at lunch time when we go to tim ho wan for sugar-coated pork buns. i die.

last night we went to shanghai min for shengjian bao, which are essentially a hybrid of a steamed pork bun, a potsticker, and a soup dumpling.

a pan-fried soup-filled bun.

what the f? who gets stoned and thinks of these things?

anyways, my almost forgotten shower has set me back a few minutes so i need to run to rehearsal. i'm allowing a few extra minutes though to stop at starbucks and sample their tasties that appear to be totally unique to the starbucks here.