this morning when the pie* recipe told me to beat the butter and the sugar for one minute i thought what an enjoyable way to spend one full minute. and for the entire minute i thought of other enjoyable ways to spend one minute. here are some:

-do a plank that will remove some of the guilt of eating butter and sugar
-rinse and dry chickpeas {so that they can be toasted with salt and cumin}
-write a tweet or two
-send a little email to mum or anyone else
-look out the window and think of nothing
-draw a picture of a dream house
-fix a cup of tea for eggboy {i suppose this may go past the minute mark if you put a lot of water in your water boiler}
-clean the bathroom sink
-clean the butter dish
-do shavasana
-buy tickets for the bam planetarium

ok, what am i forgetting?


*pi day is coming, luke is on his way, and currently there are four different pies being prepared. i am so excited.