in the morningtime

the sufjan stevens station is on, just medium volume. wake not, my roommate! my cup of red velvet tea is a quarter full, and i just read a bit of encyclopedia of an ordinary life, a book that mum sent me in a little care package this week. i paused the readingtime to discuss this time, my favorite time: morningtime. it is before everyone in my world has woken up, or at least before everyone in my world thinks that i have woken up.
at camp i had a ritual of waking up exactly 55 minutes before reveille. it was to go on my runs, on the treadmill, in the gym, but always i'd walk extra slowly to the gym to savor that comforttime of... quiet before the unknown? my only least favorite part of this time was the dew on the grass-- but such is a necessity for that scene. 
[present] here i am, before i've made my bed, sitting at my vanity, about to finish this cup of tea and wanting to describe this, but-- hearing the footsteps in my building are signaling the end. or the beginning. 
happy day, everyone!