is there anything better than a bosco stick.

 there should be a website that is
and all it would say when you click on it would be:
two bosco sticks
or something else of the awesome equivalent to a pair of bosco sticks,
because it is a fact that bosco sticks are better than mortal life.
in youth times, my everyday school lunch consisted of
bosco sticks + a naked juice 
{green machine or mighty mango... it evened out the unhealthyful qualities of breadsticks with cheese in the middle}
...and i hadn't had a single bosco stick since high school...
 until a few nights ago, when the stars alined and i happened to be in canteen when they were the evening special. ohhh, was that moment transcendent... reliving the memory like it was yesterday  {sitting in the titan cafeteria, bosco stick in one hand, graphing calculator in the other hand, scribbling through my calculus homework} and asking myself
why do we need vegetables when we have these? 
just want to eat bosco sticks every day of my life.