juice, food trucks, politix

a few weeks ago i went to the gowanus food truck festival!
unfortunately i was still recovering from my wisdom teeths extraction
fortunately i was still able to get nutrients from the

part of me was feeling adventurous
{the part that wasn't numb from all the drugz}

so i got juice made with
red pepper

sort of weird.
but refreshing.

even though i couldn't eat anything,
the festival was super fun...

partly because 
people who work in food trucks are cool and sassy and awesome.

which brings me to my next point of order in this post which is politics and the sad food truck bill that councilsista jess lappin is trying to pass.

if you haven't read it,
it basically says that any food truck that gets more than two parking violations in a year will get their license taken away.

now first of all, politics are at the top of my list of things that i don't like to discuss
but i really don't understand why this councilwoman would want to pass this bill.
food trucks are like the grown up version of the lemonade stand.
they're fun
and they're probably technically illegal
but because homemade lemonade is so darn tasty and happy
{kind of like a schnitzel}
our neighborhood police don't go around trying to arrest the kiddies with the lemons.

miss jess, why you gotta take away our fun?
and good food?
have you ever even had a macarella?
don't you have better things to worry about?!

i don't want to get into this too much.
it is just really saddening to have this girl rain on our parade.
she seems young and inexperienced.
she needs to pick her battles.
i'm not quite at the forefront of all of this,
but i wouldn't be surprised if the people making the decisions on whether to pass this bill or not see this girl as a bit of a joke.
{like the guy who wanted to ban salt}

there's honestly no greater feeling than turning a corner in this city and stumbling upon one of your favorite food trucks
{that is until you bite into a liege waffle...}

can you stop wasting time? and eat a dumpling? and have fun?