santy claus, benjy, santy claus*

{a few of my birthday giftees}

meet my latest thing to hit.
my teacher calls it a desert island instrument.
i'm thinking of calling it:
the doumbek 


also under the birthday tree were these pretty little rings:

the leftsky is a gem my mum got for her 16th birthday
{she was/is a swank lady}

on the right is

this is esther junior.
a turtle mbira from two of my most favorite people, becca and billy!
she is esther junior because she was born a few hours after esther senior
{her mass has nothing to do with it}
wouldn't you say turtles are the darndest things?
imagine the possibilities if you had a shell.

stoop made me a
mustard making kit
"the possibilities make me so excited i might explode" {frank}

plans to take over the world via mustard manufacturing might finally become a reality.
options discussed at this eve's dinner table were:

whisky mustard
vodka mustard
mango mustard
panda mustard...

{i actually can't give away most of the good ones before i patent them and drown the world in them}

i die.

sarah shu, a.k.a. co-dim sum monster, a.k.a. my brother, a.k.a. jewelry maker extraordinaire
designed for me the statement necklace of all statement necklaces:
the babakoo pok ban pendant.
just pretend for a moment that you're chinese
and that you don't really speak english
and that you work at dim sum a go-go and someone says 
i want one of them fluffy white lookin dumpling with the barbecued pork inside
you're response may be bewilderment 
and an
oh, you mean babakoo pok ban?

dang, is that offensive?

i can't wait to wear this with my tiffany's star of david, btw.

dang, is that more offensive?



*perhaps the best line from faulkner's masterpiece