hi. hi! welcome to the new and improved (i think?) my name is yeh! i've just switched platforms, from blogger to squarespace, and i feel like how i felt in eighth grade when i discovered moleskine diaries: like, this is everything i've been looking for in a documenting apparatus. i only want to document, i only want to write, i only want to maybe create gifs all day long forever and ever. 

i basically did three things this weekend:

1. eat macaroni and cheese with a room full of creative geniuses.

2. design the crap out of this site. i think i went through 5,000 different reds before deciding on the mighty #ff6666 for those itsy bitsy lines in the sidebar. and i definitely lost track of how many times eggboy or mum told me to change my sidebar photo. 

3. it's a super secret and i'll reveal it later this week. no i did not get engaged or pregnant.

anyways. poke around, have a gander, make it go viral, tell me if #ff6666 is not right or if my photo is ugs (you can do this through the fancy new contact page). i am so excited about this site because it was so fun to design and i finally feel like my web-design-clueless self can make pretty things on the internet. the things that give me the most excitement are: the recipes archive, the fact that if i had an iphone i could blog from it, and how easy it is to write posts and resize photos (no more dirty html work).

i really reeeeally hope you enjoy it!!!