a savory yogurt + egg breakfast salad situation

i've had a really bizarre relationship with breakfast recently, in that sometimes i get so distracted by the morning twitter and email and other things around the internet that i straight up forget to eat until eggboy comes in hungry for lunch. in my mind i am one of those people who wakes up, eats a toast, runs, and then works. in reality, this whole process can take until well into the afternoon because the internet has so many things and i just want to look at them all. 

i did go through a phase a few months ago after i read this comment thread that said that it's healthiest to eat a large breakfast with many carbs, a medium lunch, and a light dinner with no carbs. i would eat kale and matzo brei and bacon and oatmeal for breakfast, and a salad for dinner. i slept really really well!! but i did not look forward to my dinner because i hated limiting myself and i just wanted spaghetti. <3 spaghetti <3

but then in the past month or so there were way too many days when the only reason i ate breakfast was because eggboy told me i should and it was usually a handful of peanut butter granola, an avocado toast, or a pile of hazelnuts. nothing against any of those foods, i've just been searching for more. more excitement, more colors, more things that are going to wake me up better than pictures of rihanna as an omelette. 

and then cheryl's book arrived and a new version of one of my old favorite breakfasts was staring at me saying hi, remember me!!! a simple fresh salad served over a big old plop of savory yogurt, drizzled with olive oil, just like what i had every morning on my trip to israel and every morning for the few months after. cheryl's is fancier though, with micro greens and maldon salt, and the recipe is nestled in her book among a slew of the most perfect savory yogurt applications i ever did meet. yogurt frittatas, yogurt omelettes, yogurt soups... there are sweet ones too of course, like a labneh brownie tart, omg, but the most inspiring part of her book for me is her case for savory yogurt, especially at breakfast. it's so refreshing and exciting that for the past few days, i've been itching to wake up and eat this breakfast.

to further my trip down israel memory lane, i started adding za'atar and an egg*, which makes for a filling/healthy/delicious situation that you should definitely try right now. it's a perfect protein-y breakfast. thank you, cheryl!! you rule

a savory yogurt + egg breakfast salad situation 

inspired by the tomato, avocado, and cucumber salad from cheryl sternman rule's yogurt culture

makes 1-2 servings


1 c plain yogurt (ideally, greek yogurt)

a fried egg or two

1/2 avocado, diced

1/2 c diced english cucumber

1 tomato, diced, or a handful of cherry tomatoes, halved

2 tsp extra-virgin olive oil

flaky salt, such as maldon

black pepper

a pinch of za'atar

a substantial sprinkling of minced fresh herbs or micro greens (i've been using watercress though bc sista can't get micro greens in the middle of nowhere)

olive oil-y or buttery toast with salt


spread the yogurt in a shallow bowl or on a plate, place the eggs on top and sprinkle on the avocado, cucumber, and tomato. drizzle everything with olive oil. sprinkle with salt, pepper, and za'atar. garnish with herbs or micro greens. serve with toast.



*there is another reason i added an egg (other than the fact that i love eggs (and eggboys)): and that is that i've officially become an egggirl for the american egg board! over the next few months, i'll be bringing you eggcentric recipes and egg facts in partnership with the incredible egg. (for example: do you know the difference between cage free and free range eggs?? free range chickies can go outside and forage! some cage free chickens can too, but not all of them. more on this here. most eggs reach the store within one week of being laid, and for those of you who like baking with room temperature eggs: an egg left out at room temperature for one day ages about as much as a refrigerated one does in a week.) the word is still out on whether or not i get to meet kevin bacon, but regardless, i am very excited about all of  the egg things that are in my life right now. 

thank you so much to the american egg board for sponsoring this post! all opinions are my own.  

pictured: tiny spoon // spatula // plate