eggboy and i have a favorite night time snack. it occurs after our 9pm internet and work cut-off time and before game of thrones. we call it apple peanut butter. even though it actually consists of an apple and almond butter. and usually his is actually apple avocado almond butter (ick), and sometimes it's apple avocado sunflower seeds almond butter (double ick):


apple peanut butter is best enjoyed when a crisp fuji apple is served on a vintage delta airlines plate and the almond butter, cold from being in the fridge, is in a little metal ramekin and scooped with a little ikea spoon. it's often accompanied by a spot of tea, and it's enjoyed over conversations about what we accomplished during the day, what we hope to accomplish the next day, how our families are doing, what our game of thrones predictions are... those types of things. it's a pretty fantastic little ritual.

and even better, eggboy says it's healthy to have that wee bit of fat from the almond butter to slow the absorption of the sugar from the apple. so there's that?

apple peanut butter o'clock: an inaccurately named win win win situation.


p.s. did you vote for your favorite theme song yet??