asian breakfast tacos

between the triple loop triple lutz triple axel thingies on the telly and the six quarts of muhammura that came out of my kitchen and the egg grandma birthday and the bit of jazz at the venue in a back alley, this weekend trumped a lot of other weekends. 

as of this weekend i have two new favorite people: meryl davis and charlie white. ohhhmyyygahhhh i have never loved ice dancing so much. i always thought it was just something that my mom and other people her age like. (and i even did a twizzle once.) but davis and white float about the ice like a disney princess and her shaggy midwestern knight and it is just the most goose bumpy thing i ever done saw since pelletier and salé. i still don't fully understand this whole team figure skating event at the olympics, but i am so glad that i get to see davis and white skate to my fair lady again. i might even make a cake about it. am i too old to be fangirling so much? 

speaking of being old: another highlight of the weekend was investing in a humidifier. soon my skin will be less like a prune and more like a grape! we've named the humidifier pat, which i think is the ultimate sign that we need to get out more and that we need this upcoming arizona trip.

and speaking of arizona: tacos! there are few things i love more than a taco and a margarita. and there are even fewer things i love more than a taco and a margarita before noon. so i made breakfast tacos, complete with gochujang roasted potatoes and other asiany flavors. they are now up on betty crocker!