a resolution cake

in 2014, i resolve to...

1. spend more time with cake.

2. shower more often than i did in 2013.

3. go less insane when people call frosting "icing," say "melk" in stead of milk, and pronounce caramel "carmle."

4. brush my hair at least twice a week.

5. eat more macaroni and cheese at midnight.

6. not leave one square of toilet paper on the roll and then blame eggboy for not changing the roll.

7. eat all the vegetables before they spoil.

8. be a good chicken mama.

9. read the chicken mama books before ordering chickens.

10. splurge on stone ground chocolate, mrs. meyer's lavender hand soap, and the good bacon.

11. not splurge on dumb things that are trendy and dumb and also stupid. 

12. go to the library.

13. check my instagram less when i'm around other humans.

14. read the chocolate chip cookie thing in its entirety and memorize it. read more things like it and improve my kitchen skillz.

15. invite friends over for high tea, midnight supper, and elevenses.

16. go to montana.

17. eat more collard greens.

18. expand my egg repertoire and make more exciting breakfasts for eggboy.

happy 2014, everyone!!!!


........but, molly, we were told there'd be cake?

oh yeah! oh yeah! check out this cake i made:

it is a chocolate graham cake with chocolate cream cheese frosting and marzipan balls.

i made it by subbing half of the flour for graham flour in my favorite chocolate cake recipe and then the frosting, well, i just mixed up a bunch of softened butter and cream cheese and then added a crap ton of powdered sugar, some cocoa powder, a splash of vanilla, and a few pinches of salt. for the marzipan balls, i just kneaded in some food coloring and rolled a few in gold jimmies. then i dusted the cake board in cocoa powder to give it a little sumthin sumthin. 

i donated it to the extended egg family white elephant gift exchange, where grandma egg won it and shared it with everyone, so we all won! yay!